I’m cancelling my trip to Miami

The event that’s scheduled to take place on February 4, 2007 at Dolphin Stadium will be a clash between the two top teams in the NFL. I’m convinced more now than ever that as long as Drew Bledsoe is the QB of my Dallas Cowboys, they’re not gonna be participants in that game. Now, I’ve never made this guy more than I imagined him to be, but his play this season is causing me a lot of anger and frustration. He always finds a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. I mean with this guy as the general of our offense, we always find a way to lose. It’s really pissing me off now!!! Of course I’m very emotional right now after witnessing an awful Cowboys loss to the Eagles. I mean, we had a chance at the end and he blew it… again. Now I’m not going to put it all on Drew, but he made a lot of mistakes in this game. It didn’t help that the offensive line provided him about as much protection as a seat belt and an airbag do for a car sitting on railroad tracks getting hit by a freight train. I don’t even wanna imagine what would’ve happened if the Eagles had Jevon Kearse available. Our secondary couldn’t cover a receiving core that was without Donte’Stallworth. They made Baskett and Brown look like Clayton & Duper last night.

I’ve read a number of Dallas Cowboys blogs over the past 2 hours and everybody seems to be calling for Bledsoe to be benched in favor of Tony Romo. I’m not convinced that that’s the answer either. No matter which QB we’ve got in there, I realize that my squad is a far cry for Super Bowl contention. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that they can make the playoffs, but just making the playoffs is not achieving anything. They’ve got to build this team to be serious contenders. Right now, they’re struggling and at times it’s painful to watch. I’m a die hard fan and will always be, that’s why I’m so bothered by this loss in particular. We had opportunities to win this game just as we did in week one vs Jacksonville, yet they both ended with losses. It’s frustrating. I’m tired of the bright side of each season being that fact that the Cowboys didn’t lose to the Redskins. I want to see more from my team. The potential is there is various aspects of the game. However, the shortcomings are ones which indicate that this team is not going to make a run for a title. That in itself hurts… cuz I’mma true fan.

The Hustle Continues…

Anyone who really knows me is aware that I’m a hustler. I mean, a true hustler. I will buy pretty much anything that I know I can turn around and make some good money off of. I’ve been doing this since I was in junior high when I was jacking evicted electronic goods like TV’s & stereos off the sidewalk and selling them later on. To the later days of high school when I bought candy from Price Club and sold it in class or when I used to go to the bakery thriftshop and buy day old pastries for $.20 and sell them for a buck (or more) in the gym before school. I’m currently crafting a blog on that experience alone entitled The Stale Pie Man… which was my nickname until I graduated from HS.

Anyway, over the past few weeks I was fortunate to get my hands on a ‘few’ of these Elmo T.M.X joints. Now when I say a ‘few’, I won’t declare exactly how many I have. Let’s just say that I’ve acquired enough to make sure that this Christmas is a bright one for those close to me. The real debate at this point is whether to sell them now, or sell them closer to Christmas. I can make a good amount now, but I might be able to make double 3 weeks before the ultimate giving day. However if Fisher-Price all of a sudden starts shipping thousands of them to your local Walmart, Target or Toys “R” Us, then I might be stuck.

Now, this is far from the first time that I’ve made purchases on the hottest selling item for kids for the holidays. I make it my job to always know what the hot item is for Christmas. From there I buy a fairly decent quantity and stash em for that ‘snowy’ day. Some of the things I’ve copped over the years include…

1996 – the original Tickle Me Elmo

1997 – Sing & Snore Ernie and Beanie Babies

1998 – Furby

2000 – Sony PS2

This is not a new thing for me, yet eBay makes things a lot easier. For years my method of selling the product was to stand outside of Toys “R” Us a week before Christmas until Christmas Eve and watch the eyes of people light up as they assumed that there were some inside. I would never say one word, just smile. Then shortly thereafter they’d come up to me and say something like “Aiiight maaan… how much are you asking?” It was that simple. Occasionally, I took out ads in the Washington Post here. Now we’ve got online auctions sites like eBay or Yahoo which allow me to generally get the amount I’m looking for with no difficulty. Yet I still miss the real grind as I used to do it. I got real bold at times, especially when I had Sony Playstation 2’s. My brother and I stood inside of PG Plaza directly in front of KB Toys and totally ignored mall security. I mean, we weren’t openly hollering “Yo, we got PS2’s” or anything. We just stood there with the box under our arms. I think however we may have chosen the wrong mall cuz at times I thought some of those cats who inquired about buying it were gonna try and mug us.

Anyway I’ve got these Elmos. I plan to make sure my nieces get one for Christmas, but there’s three of them. They don’t each need one do they? One should be enough. I’ll take the money I make off the other ones and buy the girls other things that they want/need anyway. The rest of the cash I make will go into savings. Now, I’m sure some folks are wondering “How’d you end up getting one (or more) of those Elmo dolls?” For a fee of $10 payable to my PayPal account I will provide my source and from that it’s possible that you may be able to get one for your child, niece, nephew or maybe even yourself. If you catch me on a good day and ask me via email, I might be nice enough to just give you the information….. SIKE!!!!!

oh yeah, one last thing… if you’re in the DC area and looking for Redskins, Ravens or Wizards tix… hit me up

The Hustle Never Ends…

here are a few YouTube vids of the new Elmo TMX… this lil’ fellas is off the hook!!!!