I have a ton of stuff written, but I don’t feel like posting anything. I have pics from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s and all the days in between with the family and all. But again, the desire to put photo galleries together hasn’t hit me. I think I’m recovering from eating a hell of a lot of sweets and home cookin’ and time off from work. I don’t feel like doing nothing. I did have a bad cold for a few days, but got over that with the help of the old school $12 vaporizer from Target laced with lavender and eucalyptus essential oils. But now, getting up in the morning is like a chore. I get home, eat dinner and get in the bed. While in the office, I do what’s necessary but anything above and beyond gotta wait til after MLK Day. I figured I’d do a quick entry to let ere’body know that I am alive in the oh eight (’08). But for now I’ll continue reading the blogs of those on the circuit and make comments as I see fit.


G. Mo

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