Aiiiight. About a week or so ago I figured I’d be settled back home enough by this time to sit back and write a new entry detailing my excitement over the Celtics victory, a re-cap of my trip to Vegas and answering questions posed by fellow bloggers. Wrong!

– The office is crazy as I’m trying to catch up from a week gone. The number of meetings I’ve been in the past day or so has been ridiculous. Most importantly, I’ve got a lot a of deadlines and a proposal to complete by COB Friday.
– Every vendor I met at the conference is calling me for one thing or another.
– I’m still feeling the effects of the west coast to east coast transition and am kinda sleepy.
– I’ve got so many pics of stuff from my trips and all of my nieces birthdays, I haven’t had time to upload them all from my camera to my web space.
– We received the 1100 or so original wedding pics on a disk from the photographer and now gotta find a way to make copies of pics for family members. I’m making contact sheets, so they can pick the ones they want. But it’s like 25 pages of 40+ pics per page.
– My car is actin’ up and wants to play “I don’t wanna start now” games occasionally. Plus, I gotta slow leak in my driver’s side rear tire.
– The kids in the neighborhood are out for the summer and think our cars are cool places to sit on, rub their dirty hands on and bounce footballs off of. So I had to play the mean old man a day after I got home.
– Ere’body in the world is lookin’ for tickets to somethin’ and I’m tryna re-adjust to being in ‘Hustleman’ mode.

Did I say that I’ve been tired as hell? Anyway, I’ll be back. Hopefully in the next few days. The most likely scenario is for me to return with an entry on my trip and my Celtics winning, followed up with another entry a day or so later with answers to the Ask G.Mo segment. I might need an entire week to answer ones already posed. Good gracious, some of y’all are serious!!!! So for those who haven’t asked anything yet, go on ahead. I’ve got a few emails on top of the ones posted here and I might need more time to answer them all with proper detail. I do get long winded and am not real good with short answers. What can I say? That’s just me. Last chance to get into my brain cells if you wanna know something. Trust that with the questions I’ve already been asked, that the entry in response will be a very long one. I’m gone til prolly Friday or sometime this weekend most likely.


G. Mo

Ask G.Mo


Yes… you can ask me whatever you want, but first things first.

I’m out here in Las Vegas on business. It’s hot. I mean it’s blazin’ past 100° degrees!!!! I stepped off the plane Saturday afternoon and started looking for an oxygen tank and a gallon of ice water. Whoever said that the high dry heat on the west coast was easier to deal with than the humidity of slightly lower hot temps on the east coast lied. I mean, before I left I had a joker tell me that Vegas 103° would be close to DC’s 85°… wrong! Both are bad, but right now I’m truly feel like I’m in a fiery furnace.


I don’t have any meetings or anything til tomorrow morning at 8am, so I’ve been chillin’.. literally. The AC in my hotel room has been between Alaska and Antarctica since I arrived. Thus, I’m maintaining. I closed the curtains to keep the heat out and it’s worked thus far. I got a decent room here at Caesars and a decent view of the strip and of Toni Braxton’s legs at the Flamingo. Not like being at one of the premier hotels that I’ve stayed while here before, but I am on company dollar this go round ya know. I should be happy they didn’t throw me in some roadside inn or budget joint huh?


Haven’t done a lot to be honest. I’ve walked around a lot just trying to reacquaint myself with a place I haven’t been to in about 6 years. Even though my trip is expensed, I’m not one to drink $4 bottles of Aquafina water provided by the hotel. So I took a walk to CVS and Walgreens. Yes I went to both. They’re across the street from each other and I do price check stuff. Anyway, while there I got a full six pack of the same water for less than $4, some chips and popcorn, some cans of Arizona tea, some sugar snacks and a mirror. Yeah, a hand mirror. I forgot mine at the crib and I do cut my own hair. Having one was necessary since I have both my clippers and liners with me and I do want to look presentable for my vendors and clients when I see them this week. My professional gear is all set. Polo shirts and dress slacks. Aint no way in the world I’m wearing a suit and tie while on broil out here. You gotta be crazy!!!!

On the way back from my drugstore venture, I caught the water show that the Bellagio does. I don’t know what they call it, but it wasn’t exactly something I was gonna sit around and watch as my skin started melting. I took a quick pic of it and moved on. Some promoter type dude tried to hustle me into getting passes and drinks from the clubs out here on a discount pre-sale basis. Then this 50+ yr old Black dude wanted to talk about the oppression of Black folks and how the ‘Peckerwoods’ have kept us down. At least I was entertained as I strolled back to the hotel. I gave the brotha man some dap just to keep it real.


I walked to ESPN Zone at New York New York hotel last night to catch the Celtics-Lakers game. You know I was rockin’ my Celtics gear right? Of course I was sorely disappointed at the results and took some ribbing from the west coast folks who were rooting for the Lakers. It’s all good though. Two more games to clinch and I hope they win tomorrow night. If not, they’re gonna interfere with the free passes one of my corporate connects gave me for Cirque du Soleil: Ka. The show is like 7pm… 7pm west coast time, 10pm east coast time. The NBA Finals Game 7 starts at 9pm EST. See the conflict? Don’t even ask me what I’d do. Being a die hard Celtics fan, I’d just have to see the circus another day. I hope it won’t come to that though. I’ll be nice at least pass the passes to someone else though. I’m supposed to get some more tickets to check out Wayne Brady and some other magic show on the strip . I’ll let’cha know how that works out.


Although I’ve got my laptop here in the hotel room with a great wireless connection, I probably won’t be on much until I return home this weekend. So I figured I’d use this time away to see if anyone out there in the Blog World has any questions for me. This will give me material to blog about when I get back as well as my Vegas wrap-up. Now, I contemplated for a sec whether I’d come back to crickets chirping and no one actually asking me anything, but what the hell. I’ll risk it. If I come back and I see that not one person has at least one thing to ask, I’ll probably just stop blogging and shut it down altogether.

Sike!!!! I aint shuttin’ down nothin’… even if you jokers never come back again. I love writing too much for that. I’d write in a pitch black room on a piece of sandpaper with a single BBQ flavored Cheeto if I had to.

Anyway, I’m tryna decide how to do this. Should I have folks ask questions via email or let y’all leave comments and ask questions there? Whatever. As Digital Underground said in ’89, Doowutchyalike. If you choose to email me, the address is in the column to the right under the Archives. I’ll most likely be absent from blogging until next week this time.



Day in the Life of a True Celtics Fan – NBA Finals Edition


(yes… I know the Lakers won last night… Celtics still up 2-1 in the series)

Last November I took a trip to Boston with my wife to see my Celtics home opener. It was the first official game that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen played together and they spanked the Washington Wizards in that game. After that night I had visions of my squad making an appearance in the NBA Finals. After a regular season which the Celtics won 66 games, I definitely anticipated the possibility. My man Juice and I had talked trash since last summer when we both debated on whether KG would get traded to the Celtics or the Lakers. Well, we all know who won that sweepstakes. However we made a pact around the time of the NBA All Star break that if our squads made the NBA Finals versus one another, that we’d find a way to go. We made good on that promise.

Destination – NBA Finals Game Two – Lakers @ Celtics
Location – TD Banknorth Garden, Boston MA
Time – 9:00pm

Sunday June 8, 2008

  • 5:45am – Awoke to the sound of the alarm of both my cell phones going off and the phone ringing. I obviously was making sure that I got up and using 3 methods including Verizon’s reminder definitely did the trick.
  • 6:15am – Left the crib with my backpack for BWI airport.
  • 6:55am – After almost hitting a deer while driving on the parkway, I arrived at BWI airport.
  • 7:24am – Got through security, took seat in front of gate A11 and wondered if there would be any other Black folks on the flight cuz I saw none in the seating area.
  • 8:03am – 9:07am – Flight departed. Some guy talked me to death on the plane cuz I was wearing my Paul Pierce #34 jersey. I ate my home packed powered donuts in a Ziploc bag and a fruit leather and drifted off to sleep. I was awakened to dude running his mouth again. The plane arrived at Providence with a hard landing that gave me an instant headache.


  • 9:16am – Got to the Budget Car Rental counter. Had to stand in the line forever due to the fact that the fools in front of me want to argue with the only agent that is there. Finally given keys to my car… a bright red Ford Fusion.
  • 9:20am – 10:36am – Drove the 48 miles to Boston. Got lost for a minute in the city. Saw the big mural on side of TD Banknorth Garden and drives in that direction. Headed across the bridge to the Residence Inn.



  • 10:52am – 1:41pm – Found a parking space on the street. Got out of the car and it felt like a sauna. Hollered at my ticket hustle partner who’s set up shop in his hotel room. I sat and watched the ending of the French Open and then Reno 911 on Comedy Central while he wheels and deals on the phone. I snacked on remnants of snacks that he swiped from the breakfast buffet. He offers me a Coors Light from the fridge, I declined. I got a text from my man Juice saying his flight from Orlando is in. Me and my hustle man Big G headed for the Bulfinch Hotel.
  • 1:46pm – Passed by TD Banknorth Garden again and captured some images from the NBA Finals display outside.





  • 1:58pm – 3:11pm – Hit up the hotel. Dapped up my man Juice and my other man Sly who’s chillin’ in the room. They’re both Laker fans so we talked trash for a minute. Well, the trash talkin’ really last all day. After a while went outside into the hot oven and walked the streets. Grabbed some bottled water from the 7-Eleven on the corner to stay hydrated. We ignored the cats on the streets begging for money. Hit up the NBA display outside of TD Banknorth Garden and took a rack of pics.






  • 3:12pm – 3:23pm – Rolled to the Celtics store inside the arena. Those two jokers saw no Laker gear and stood outside. I promised to get a T-shirt for my Pops and I did that.



  • 3:24pm – 3:29pm – While leaving the Celtics store I spotted a reporter from ABC6 in Boston. He saw me in the Pierce jersey, walked over to me and asked if I’d like to answer a few questions. He asked me some stuff about Paul Pierce, his playing status for Game Two, whether I was attending the game and where I was from. He then interviewed Juice who did nothing but pop nonsense about Kobe this and Kobe that.



  • 3:37pm – 4:06pm – We headed toward Government Center where the NBA Nation festivities were going on. They had some cool ESPN displays and intractive stuff. I saw a Modell’s tent and copped more Celtics and NBA Finals T-shirts and a hat for souvenirs. Then I took a pic in front of this huge Beat LA T-shirt. I should’ve taken a pic of a glass of ice water and had it in my phone. I was sweating like Marion Barry out there in the 95 degree heat. You see the towel don’t cha?





  • 4:21pm – 6:42pm – Walked around Quincy Market. All of us were starving so we decided to hit up McCormick & Schmick’s to grab some grub. I dined on steak and coconut shrimp knowing full well I’m allergic to shellfish and didn’t have any Benadryl on me. I was only like 8 pieces of shrimp though. I survived…. lol. More trash talking ensued as Juice decided to get the waitress involved in the mix. She wasn’t even a Boston native and her response was wack. While we were sitting around eating with some friends, Sly revealed that some chic once said that he looked like the Black Stifler (American Pie) . I swear that I couldn’t stop laughing for like 15 minutes and I didn’t even have a drink. All I had was a ginger ale. You gotta see the comparison though.


  • 7:05pm – 7:56pm We walked back to the hotel as the heat simmered down a bit. Showered up and changed into game time attire. Sly decided to videotape us on his digital camera trash talkin’ this go round. Some folks are gluttons for punishment I suppose. He kept referring to Cleon from Dead Presidents and saying that the Lakers beating the Celtics was like that head being buried in the movie. You gotta know Dead Presidents to understand it… lol. From that nonsense we walked over to TD Banknorth Garden and stood in a crowd of folks for about 5 minutes. I got wise and circumvented the massed and walked right to the side near the front and made myself fit it. The fellas followed. We shaved off about 10 minutes of waiting with that move.
  • 7:57pm – Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I see the golden gates. Security pats me down and the attendant validates my ticket. This was the moment I’d been waiting for my entire life. I mean, besides kissing my wife at the altar when pronounced husband and wife… “Hey honey”. *waves*


  • 7:58pm – Look at those championship banners. All that history and Celtic Pride.


  • 7:59pm – 8:45pm – Me and the fellas walked around the facility soaking in the moment. We walked around, gave high fives to other fans in our respective colors and pointed out celebs that we saw. Went to our seats and chopped it up with the folks in our section. Of course I was berated for bringing along two knuckleheads. I assured the hometown people there that when the Celtics reign of terror began that those two cats would get silent.






  • 9:02pm – 9:07pm – National Anthem, Player Intros and Tipoff.


  • 9:09pm – Game begins. The arena is crazy loud. Celtics fans are pumped up.
  • 9:21pm – After taunting Laker fans about Gasol being weak and calling him Ga-Soft loudly, Pau does a baseline move and dunks on Garnett ferociously. Every Laker fan within earshot gives me the business.
  • 9:38pm. Both squads come out ballin’. Lakers lead after the 1st quarter 22-20.


  • 9:59pm – Paul Pierce for Threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • 10:18pm. When Rajon Rondo had that block and one handed dunk I was in stands doing the Rodeo dance and they caught me on the Jumbotron in the arena wildin’ out. I was hee hawin on all dem Laker fans! Which reminds me, I need to see if the arena videotapes all the game stuff with the fans. I need that classic moment of myself. Then again, if you saw me dance you might have a heart attack. Nevermind, if I do get it I won’t post it…. lol.



  • 10:23pm – Halftime. Celtics 54 – Lakers 42.


  • 10:36pm – Came back to my seat after getting my Coke from the concession. The kid next to me flashed his camera phone and there’s a picture of him and Magic Johnson. I asked him where he got it and his dad told me the story of how Magic came through our section 3 minutes after I left my seat and how everyone was shaking hands and taking pics with him. Yep… I was mad.
  • 10:49pm – After a Leon Powe dunk + ‘and one’ I started doing more of my dances. Those included the Cabbage Patch, the Running Man and the ‘Raj’ from What’s Happening. I was really feeling it cuz my squad was doing work on the court. I was advised that I was on the Jumbotron again. I didn’t see myself that time.



  • 11:25pm – End of 3rd quarter. Celtics are killin’ em 83-61.
  • 11:26pm – 11:48pm – I can’t tell you what happened. One minute I’m celebrating, the next I was on the edge of my seat. All I know was that my victory speech was already prepared. I witnessed the Lakers make a crazy comeback and almost take the lead. I was not ready to have to live with the fact that I was witness to seeing one of the greatest comebacks in NBA Finals history and my team was on the short end. I think my heart was about to come through my chest. It was that intense up in there.
  • 11:50pm – Game Over. Celtics Win 108-102!!!! *wipes sweat from forehead*


  • 11:51pm – 12:12am – Hung around the arena. Gave a few high fives to other Celtics fans, but was just happy for the win. Took some more pics with the fellas. Saw a rack more celebs and athletes hanging around as well. Those included Donovan McNabb, Bryan Westbrook and Brian Dawkins of the Philadelphia Eagles, a rack of current and former Patriots and Red Sox players, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Rick Fox, Allan Houston, Jeff Green, Al Jefferson and a whole bunch of others I can’t recall right now.







Monday June 9, 2008

  • 12:26am-1:43am – Kicked it with the fellas in the streets for a while. Talked more trash since my squad won. They were encouraged by the comeback, but the disappointment was obvious regardless of what they said.
  • 1:44am – 3:17am – Sat up in the room and rapped to Juice for a while since it had been over year since we had seen each other. I see Sly in DC, so it aint no thing. That cat was dead tired and knocked out in like 5 minutes. All that complaining about the refs probably made his soul weak.
  • 3:18am – 4:15am – Left the hotel and did the drive back to Providence airport. I took it easy and relaxed as I tried to find a decent R&B/Hip-Hop station on the radio.
  • 4:16am – Stopped at the Exxon next to the airport and gassed the rental car. Maaaaaaaaaaaan… gas is high as hell. Cost me like $25 for like a 1/4 tank. Picked up a glazed donut from the Dunkin’ Donuts kiosk inside and killed that joint. I was hungry.
  • 4:27am – Returned rental car to Budget. There was an agent there, but she gave me some nonsense about leaving for the night, told me to do the drop box and peeled off. So I had to do the whole fill out the envelope thing which I hated doing and I didn’t even have a pen. Eventually I found one laying on the ground. Fools didn’t even have a pen on their counter.


  • 4:34am – 6:25am – Two hours before my scheduled flight. Got through security with ease since there was hardly anyone in the airport. Went to the gate and watched ESPN for about 30 minutes since I hadn’t seen any highlights of the game. After that I attempted to catch a few zzz’s. Within 10 minutes I was awakened by some clown who saw my NBA Finals bag and started talking my ear off. He was joined by about 4 more ‘friends’ who made me wanna duct tape my eyes and ears.
  • 6:43am – 7: 36am Flight got up in the air. I curled up and went to sleep for about 3o minutes. Then the older man who was from Hawaii next to me asked me about the game… and this fool didn’t even know who was playing or anything about basketball. He was just making conversation. Why me maaaaaaaaaan… why me???
  • 7:52am – Arrived home safely at BWI. But the adventure didn’t end there. I get my car from the airport parking lot, battle rush hour traffic and be in my office in DC by 11am. But before I did that I did take time to stop by the elementary school for my nieces kindergarten graduation. Uncle duties don’t stop with being a true fan y’all….

The End……………………………


G. Mo

Back from Boston with a Celtics Victory

I can’t even lie… I’m dead tired. Flew back to DC this morning from going to Game Two last night in Boston and am sitting here in the office trying to focus. I’ll do a complete recap of my 24 hour journey to the NBA Finals shortly as I’ve done in previous game trips. However here’s a few pics/vids in the meantime. Yes, I did act a complete fool up in the place.

A Kid’s Dream


21 years. It’s been 21 years since my Celtics squad battled the Lakers in the NBA Finals. That rivalry is definitely the best that I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. The Lakers (62-20) had Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Byron Scott, A.C. Green and Michael Cooper, while the Celtics (57-25) had Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Danny Ainge, Dennis Johnson and Robert Parish. The Celtics were coached by KC Jones and the Lakers by Pat Riley. This years total cast of characters doesn’t have the star power of that cast, but sure to bring as much by way of excitement. My squad has got Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins filling out the starting line-up. The Lakers have Kobe Bryant who is arguably the best player in the game right now. Who cares about the rest of the squad??? I mean, I know and respect who they are but this is not about them. Best believe I’m up in here pumped full of energy anticipating the opening tip-off on Thursday night.


Even though I grew up in DC and constantly saw the Bullets, I became a Celtics fan. That’s primarily because of my dad and granddad. My grandfolks lived in Roxbury, MA when I was real young. On those winter school breaks as a youngster, pop would take me from DC to Boston to visit the grandfolks for the holidays. Pops aint one for driving, so we always flew. During those trips we would find our way to the Boston Garden. There I was laced with a Nate ‘Tiny’ Archibald jersey, other Celtic trinkets and quickly embraced the green and white. You figure out what year that was…. lol. I grew up with tons of Celtics memorabilia and apparel. I personally have an autograph book with signatures of Larry Bird, Red Auerbach, Bailey Howell, Cedric ‘Cornbread’ Maxwell, John Havlicek & a ton other Celtics greats. I got all of those on my own walking various arenas before games when the Celtics were warming up. So understand that this right here is a kid’s dream. I’ve been to tons of Celtics games in my lifetime. I’ve flown to playoff games in other cities, home openers in Boston and more games vs the Bullets/Wizards than I can count since I do live in the DC area. However, I’ve never had a chance to even get a sniff of my squad in The Finals. Well, for those who know me… you know I’m going.


Shortly after the conference finals victory vs the Pistons, I had a pow wow with my crew. At that point I sifted through the real cats and the fakers. Some folks talk about what they would/will do… others act on it. I’m not saying that you can’t be a real fan and sit home and watch the game. I’m just not that dude. I’ve gotta go! So next Sunday at this time, I fully expect to be sitting in the TD Banknorth Garden enjoying Game 2 of the series. I cheered for a Celtics squad last season that won a total of 24 games and now a year later they’re contending for an NBA Championship. Talk about the ping pong balls bouncing your way. I was mad when we didn’t get the number one pick and a chance to get Greg Oden. Thanks Danny Ainge for the GM power moves, we all appreciate ya. I sure as hell never expected to be cheering for KG and Ray Allen in Celtic green. It almost seems unbelievable. I have to close my eyes and blink and make sure this is all real.


Getting to Boston from the DC area might be a task since I’ll have to fly into Providence, Rhode Island, rent a car and then drive an hour to Boston. But the travel is already booked. My man Juice (who’s flying in from Orlando) already has got the hotel hooked up across from TD Banknorth Garden, so we’re straight on that. I’ve gotta be back to work first thing Monday morning for a series of video conference meetings. So everything has to be on point. But it’s whatever, I’ll find a way. Truth be told at this moment, I don’t have tickets for the game. All that hustling and looking out for folks over the years should reward me with something I hope. I have more than a few cats out there who “owe me one”. I’m not used to be in the position of the one desperately looking for a ticket. Thus being on the other side of this seems sort of weird. Had this been in DC, then I would be straight cuz 95% of my connects are here. But it’s not, thus me not in the driver’s seat. I don’t know where that seat will be or who will be sitting next to me next Sunday. Hell, I don’t even care. I hope my squad can will their way to the title and if that’s not achieved then of course I’ll be disappointed. Yet, this season has been the greatest. I’ve had so much fun cheering for a squad that has given me hope and made me smile. I’ve waiting a long time for this and just being there for one NBA Finals game will be a kid’s dream come true.


G. Mo